About me

I am 22 and live in a small village outside the heaving metropolis (insert sarcastic smirk) that is Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland. I love to cook, bake and genuinely make nothing into something. I am a student nurse by day, amateur foodie by night.
Have a look about and see what you think, you might just like my insanity. Its rare, but its been known to happen.

Talking of people who tolerate me; please have a sneak peek at my gorgeous best friends fabulously thrifty blog – http://lookfabulousforless.wordpress.com






4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I love your blog. I’ve been wanting so bad to change my life & become a healthier person. You’re inspiring! I can’t wait to try your little pizza hearts. I want to make them for my boyfriend. I look forward to a ton more recipes. Can you come up with something using quinoa? I’m getting tired of the same ol’ cold salad I usually make of it.

    • Oh my goodness. Thank you so so much for your lovely message. Do try them and let me know how it goes! Love to think you would enjoy my recipes. Quinoa is something I have never used if I am honest. I suspect its an Americanly popular grain. But I’ll be sure to try it out and see what I can turn it in to! Have you thought of using it as the “Rice” in a stir fry?

      • It’s not that popular here because nobody knows how to use it. I’m Canadian by the way 😛 I love the idea of stir fry! I’d never thought of that. I’d really like to try that actually. When I get around to it I could try a recipe and see if you think it’s healthy enough. Take care 🙂

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