Christmas is coming….

Sorry to those of you rolling your eyes at my post but quite frankly unless you are gonna go hide in a hole in the ground it is! Why not just make it your own? Mr G hates a commercial Christmas and I do also if we are taking expensive items forcing you into huge debts. Its one day, enjoy it your way. Of course I mean cook yourself up a festive wonder!

Now quite frankly this year, being a student, I am “muchos skintos” and therefore I am doing a lot of homemade. Three of my fabulous ladies will be getting such gifts, with all their favourite treats made by yours truly. Therefore, I thought why not share these ideas with you and see if you can save yourself some stress and add a little of yourself to your gifts. Please note that sneezing into your recipes is taking this too far.

So here we are sacrificing the surprise a little for Elaine, Megan and Lesley all in the name of education.

Peace out



P.s. I am going to be jazzing this blog up soon apologies until its finished!


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